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Gambler's Penetration Test

Do you think your environment is impenetrable? Prove it.

Show that your security team has what it takes. Go head-to-head with Blue Team Alpha's nation-state-level cyberwarfare team in the industry's first double-or-nothing Gambler's Penetration Test.  

If our team fails to gain access to your systems, you pay nothing. However, if we successfully penetrate your defenses and prove unauthorized access to your environment, you’ll pay the gambler’s rate.

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Most pen testing companies simulate cybercrime. Our team emulates nation-state-level cyber warfare. What’s the difference?   

Let’s break that statement down.

What’s the difference between simulated and emulated testing?

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It’s seemingly subtle to an untrained eye. Both terms cover mimicking the real thing in a virtual environment. The distinction lies in the details, and the difference is crucial to ensure realistic testing and complete confidence in the security of your systems. 

Simulation copies something from the real world into a virtual environment. Used for training or education to explain how something works, it simulates basic behavior but only sometimes follows the rules of the environment it simulates. 

Emulation, however, duplicates something precisely as it exists in real life. It just operates in a virtual environment that follows all environmental rules instead of the natural world itself.  

The benefit to you is the most realistic and modern security test possible. 

What’s the difference between cybercriminals and cyberwarfare operators?

Cybercriminals are the equivalent of opportunistic thieves. They can still create significant damage, but they’re the petty criminals of the online world.

Cyberwarfare operators are highly skilled and work in a high-stakes environment. If discovered, their work could cause an international incident. Due to its critical nature, cyberwarfare is far ahead of cybercrime in terms of capabilities, tactics, and techniques.

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How much are you willing to bet your sensitive data is secure?

Schedule an intro call with our security experts. In the meantime, you can download our sell sheet that shows you how and why the Gambler's Penetration Test is the right test for you.